The Chronicles of Local Space

A fictional exploration of nearby star systems

Dramatis Personae

James Brian Wilson Hagen

Born 2432 December 11 SCE, Manchester, Britain
Died 2499 July 11 SCE, Proxima Base, Proxima Prime
Father Josef David Butler Hagen
2402 February 30 SCE2488 November 14 SCE
Mother Elizabeth Edna Smith Wilson
2406 October 29 SCE2502 March 30 SCE
Siblings Sara Felicity Hagen Wilson
2434 March 20 SCE2513 February 28 SCE
Jenny Brenda Hagen Wilson
2434 March 20 SCE2521 January 2 SCE
Spouse Debra Margret Pollock White
2436 January 8 SCE2528 October 21 SCE
married 2470 April 11 SCE on board the Wunderfûl in the Proxima system
Children None

James Brian Wilson Hagen was the first director of Proxima Base, the first human outpost outside the Solar System. He was appointed to the post on 2470 October 30 SCE at the age of 37. He served as the director of the base until his death from a myocardial infarction at age 66. His dedication to the directorship of the base saw the base expand from a fledgeling astronomical outpost with an uncertain future due to lack of funds to a thriving research facility that was self-funding due to the leasing of parts of the facility for cryogenic research.

The J.B.W. Hagen Memorial Base is named in his honour.

Brennus Grady O’Hara

Born 2929 July 8 SCE, Kildare, Ireland
Died 3012 January 25 SCE, Cork, Ireland

Bethany Staset Wu Prentis

Born 2728 April 13 SCE, San Francisco, USA
Died 2809 July 28 SCE, Marseilles, France

Bethany Staset Wu Prentis was a Justis in the High Court of the Terrestrial Confederation. She eventually became Cheef-Justis.

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