The Chronicles of Local Space

A fictional exploration of nearby star systems
Sic itur ad astra.
Thus do we reach the stars.
Virgil, Aenid book IX


By the 30th century, humans had spread to over a dozen worlds in star systems near the Sun, where people reside in settlements. Three basic categories of settlements may be found in the inhabited systems: colonies, planetary settlements and space settlements.

The settlements in Local Space are listed below.

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Name Colony type Home system
12 Ophiuchi mining settlements Space settlements (Mining) 12 Ophiuchi
Allaboria Spacestation Space Settlement (Research) Sirius B
Altair Base Space Settlement (Research) Altair
Aridia Colony Epsilon Indi
Asteroid mining settlements Space Settlements (Mining) Sol
E.E.Barnard Base Space Settlement (Research) Barnard’s Star
Bessel Space Settlement 61 Cygni A
Beta Hydri Base Space Settlement (Research) Beta Hydri
Binaria Major Planetary Settlement Gliese 783
Calena Colony 96 Piscium
Chara Base Space Settlement (Research) Chara
Chara mining settlements Space Settlements (Mining) Chara
Ganymede Research Settlement Planetary Settlement (Research) Sol
Groombridge 1618 mining settlements Space Settlement (Mining) Groombridge 1618
J.B.W. Hagen Memorial Base Planetary Settlement (Research) Proxima
Humus Colony 61 Virginis
Hydra Base Space Settlement Gliese 432
Hygiea Planetary Settlement (Industrial, Mining) Sol
Kappa Ceti Base Space Settlement (Research) Kappa1 Ceti
Kappa Ceti mining settlements Space Settlement (Mining) Kappa1 Ceti
Lacandia Colony 70 Ophiuchi A
Lagrangian space settlements Space Settlement (Residential, industrial) Sol
Laria Planetary Settlement (Research) Xi Boötis
Lunar settlements Planetary Settlement Sol
Lysander Colony Eta Cassiopeiae A
Mareenia Colony Sigma Draconis
Mars Planetary Settlement Sol
New Earth Abandoned Colony Lalande 21185
Oasis Colony Omicron2 Eridani A
Oceanus Planetary Settlement (Research) 107 Piscium
Polonius Planetary Settlement 41 Arae
Prometheus Colony Gliese 682
Proxima Base Planetary Settlement (Research) Proxima
Sabrina Colony Gliese 667 A
Serenese Federation Colony Gliese 832
Shandiana Colony Sigma Draconis
Techbase Space Settlement 107 Piscium
Toliman Base Space Settlement (Research) Alpha Centauri A

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