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Scientia potentia est
— Francis Bacon

About Me

I was born in August, 1968 and I reside in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy gardening and reading, especially science fiction. Recently I have begun research into the background for the possible writing of a science fiction novel set in the 30th century, and some of the fruits of this research are being published on these pages on an ad hoc basis.

About these pages

This web site has only a small amount of graphics. I make no apology for this. Graphics take a long time to load, and the world does not need yet another web site with lots of graphics that takes forever to load. Another problem with graphics is that they reduce the accessibility of the Web to people with disabilities, particularly the blind. To improve the accessibility of my web site to the disabled and to ensure this page loads quickly, I have kept graphics to a minimum and made the files as small as possible.

The only exception to the above rules are pages which are created specifically to display photographs.


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